Great History Podcasts for your Summer Road Trips

If you and your family plan on driving to visit a vacation destination or relatives while your children are out of school, you don’t want drive time to be wasted to mindless ipad scrolling or unbearable bickering. Instead, get your kids interested in an audio drama brought to you by way of a podcast, free on itunes or other apps. Your children will finish the drive informed, entertained, and most of all, not fighting with each other. Here are some of the best history podcasts for your summer driving pleasure.

Presidents are People, Too: Alexis Coe and her co host Elliott Kalan review the presidents of the United States of America in ways you’ve never seen before: as actual regular people. The two historical comedians delve into the lives of who the presidents were when they weren’t on the clock — if you were William Howard Taft, you were in the tub, or if you were Jimmy Carter, you were on the family peanut farm. Between the expertise of the history professors they interview and the hilarious commentary from the hosts, it’s definitely a hit for the whole family.

Revisionist History: Straight from the desk of acclaimed writer and researcher Malcolm Gladwell comes his long-anticipated podcast, Revisionist History. Gladwell has made a career on weaving together stories and research that the average person may not put together. Who would have thought that going to a better college would decrease someone’s chances of finishing with a STEM degree? Gladwell rekindles the old magic to bring a brand new season of his brilliant and fascinating research to eager listeners worldwide.

Presidential: Even though the United States has been a country for nearly 300 years at this point, there are some job responsibilities for the president that haven’t changed since day one. The Washington Post runs through each person who has served as president and traces their run for office from the day they announced they were running to the day the were sworn in. Well researched and always informative, this podcast is perfect for learning about the long and winding road to the presidency.
More Perfect: The creators of the Golden podcast Radiolab present their first spin off series More Perfect, which details the twisted sticky history of the US Supreme Court from its inception to how early rulings impacted today’s most controversial rulings. The role of the court, it’s own frailties, and the loopholes in the justice system tend to be glossed over at best in civics classes, so these exciting and suspenseful episodes will reopen history to you and your family.


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