Teach Kids Entrepreneurship Tip One: Set Goals

The very first step of any plan is to set a goal and define what “success” will look like. In the adult business world, we call this “strategic planning,” and this process takes anywhere from weeks to months. You can help your children start to think about planning while they’re still young. Consider, for example, studying for finals. You can ask your child what the goal is (passing, I would assume) and how they can track their progress to make sure they’re on the trajectory to meeting that goal. For many young business, the inability to see a plan to get from here to there or the myopia that prevents them from seeing that they’ve fallen off the path has lead to countless failures. If you can help your child become comfortable with the idea of setting a goal, planning to reach that goal, and staying on task, your child will be light years ahead of their peers. david ariagno entrepreneurship one


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