The importance of participating in non-school activities

With all the stress, work, and drama of grade school, kids have to get some sort of a break eventually. Many students turn to extra-curricular activities like sports, clubs, etc., which have been shown to relieve stress and improve academic performance on the whole. One more step removed, though, is non-school activities altogether. While there is strong merit to extra-curricular activities, there’s a few added levels of benefits that students can earn by leaving campus for a little while.

Meeting fresh faces: High schools are insular incubators in which students and teachers see the same faces day in and day out. By participating in non-school activities, students can meet new people outside of their classes. Kids can practice interpersonal skills and networking tactics, all while enjoying an escape from the complicated interconnected relationships that exist in high schools.

Learning new skills: Whereas most school programs are run by either teachers or other students, non-school activities are run by independent groups of professionals, experts, or dedicated, educated volunteers. Kids can ask deeper questions and learn new skills by applying them to the real world outside of their high schools.

College Apps: Every kid applying to colleges will have a litany of school activities on their resumes, but there’s something to be said for kids to diversify their high school experiences by getting away from campus. Non-school activities will offer admissions boards a new perspective on the student’s’ ability to apply their school knowledge outside the classroom.
Lasting Community impact: New waves of students ebb in and flow out of high school programs, but community-based organizations and establishments have enough people and wherewithal to stand the test of time. Kids can see the long history of the organization and continue to contribute throughout their college careers and adult lives.


One thought on “The importance of participating in non-school activities

  1. I strongly agree with you on non-school extracurricular activities. I feel that this will help to know others outside the school and strengthen communication skills with those who are introverted. Nice 👍🏾.

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